Here are some frequently asked questions:


   1. Our Blender-Free Smoothies

   2. Our Bottle

   3. Shipping and Returns

1.   Our Blender-Free Smoothies

How do I drink the Blender-Free Smoothies?

1. Fill your shaker bottle (or any bottle with a wide opening) with 250ml of water / milk.


2. Tear open your sachet at the top, and pour its contents into the bottle.


3. Close the bottle tightly and shake for about 9-15 seconds.


4. Enjoy!

What temperature must the water / milk be?

We recommended chilled, or room temperature.

Where do I find the nutrition label for the sachets?

Please find them on the nutrition tab, or click the button above. 


In the future, nutritional information will be printed on the back of the sachets.


We understand that it is important, and needs to be easily accessible. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Why does my powder clump up?

Due to humidity and other external factors, the natural powder may be prone to clumping up.


We recommend lightly pressing on the sachet to break up any clumps before opening the sachet.

2.   Our Bottle

What is the metal ball inside my Noshinom Bottle?

This spring ball is commonly found in shaker bottles. It helps blend your smoothie better by breaking up bigger clumps. It is optional.

3.   Shipping & Returns

Please view this page (, and email us for any further enquiries.