About Us

Our Mission

We believe in making delicious and nutritious food convenient.

Our Vision

To create a world with zero hunger and malnutrition.

At Noshinom, we specialise in wholesome and eco-conscious foods that redefine healthful indulgence.


We harnesses the power of natural ingredients and cutting-edge freeze-drying technologies, offering you a tasty convenience that is second to none.


Say goodbye to ordinary juices - our fibre-packed creations not only nourish but satisfy, bringing a new wave of fulfilment to every sip. Join us in savouring wellness, one delight at a time.

Towards Sustainability

Greener Sources

Every year, 45% of fruits & vegetables are wasted and almost half come from overproduction in farms. We aim to begin using these sources and contribute to the world's food safety.


As we grow, we move towards more sustainable packaging and carbon neutrality.

Helping Communities

10% of our profits will go towards helping the heartland communities with eco-activities.

This section will be updated. 

Meet Our Cool Team

Comprising of five passionate undergraduates, we're driven by a shared mission to tackle food waste in Singapore. Our love for smoothies fuels our creativity and determination as we work tirelessly to create delicious concoctions, while minimizing environmental impact.


With a deep commitment to make a positive change, we're dedicated to craft a better world, one smoothie at a time.


Strategy & Business Development


Product & Packaging Development


Financial Strategist & Impact Assessment

Boon Kai

Operations & Hardware Development

Ting Hao

Creative Design & Marketing Development